If you rent a car las vegas a car, be sure to read the fine print. Many companies charge for extra drivers unless you’re spouse or domestic partner, for road tolls and motoring related fines and for fuel.

Set a calendar reminder to check the rental rate on your reservation once per week. This trick will give you a better chance to get a lower price.


The cost of renting a car varies by location, vehicle type and rental agency. You can save money by shopping around, booking early and skipping add-ons like GPS, toll plans, and access to XM radio. You can also find deals by using credit card rewards programs or combining your car rental with a flight or hotel.

Damage waivers may help to limit your out-of-pocket costs if you incur damage to the rental car. You can also choose to prepay for a tank of gas, which will save time and hassle when returning the car, but may be more expensive than buying gas yourself.

Some companies charge for mileage, while others have daily limits on the number of miles you can drive. If you plan to use the rental for a long road trip, it may be worth it to invest in an unlimited-mileage option. Many rental companies require a clean driving record, and may check your records for recent violations.


A car rental can save you time, money and stress. It’s also convenient to travel on your own schedule without having to worry about catching a bus or waiting for a taxi. It also allows you to visit hidden gems and enjoy the scenery of your destination.

To get the best deal on a rental car, compare prices online. Look at the total price including fees and options. Also, be sure to compare rates for different models. Some websites will let you bundle your rental car with a flight and hotel, which can save you money.

Some companies require large credit card deposits, so make sure to check out reviews before you sign the contract. Beware of high-pressure sales tactics at the counter, and do not be tempted to buy extra insurance or services. This is especially true at premium locations, where they have less inventory and may not offer as many upgrades. Also, be aware that the rental company may charge an early return fee if you return the car a few days before your scheduled departure.


If you have poor credit or don’t want to pay for a long-term lease, renting a car can be a great option. Many rental companies don’t require a credit check and allow you to swap vehicles as needed. This can save you time and money.

You’ll also have the flexibility to explore your destination on your own terms with a rental car, without being limited by public transportation or rigid itineraries. Moreover, you can make stops whenever you want and find hidden gems that may not be available via public transport.

Be sure to research the rental agency and book your car in advance. This will usually yield the cheapest prices. You can use a site such as AutoSlash to compare rates, and make sure to factor in your existing car insurance policy when you request a quote. Be aware that airport rental locations often charge more in fees and surcharges than non-airport locations. Moreover, be sure to return the vehicle with full gas to avoid overage charges.


Renting a car can be a convenient way to avoid wear and tear on your personal vehicle. Moreover, it is often less expensive than taking a train or flying to your destination. In addition, renting a car can also save you money on gas.

However, it is important to understand the insurance benefits of rental cars before you decide to use one. Many credit cards offer primary loss/damage coverage for rental vehicles, but there are some limitations and exclusions. Specifically, most credit card companies exclude person-to-person “car-sharing” services from their car rental coverage.

Moreover, most credit cards only provide coverage for rentals made with the card’s issued account. This type of coverage is often not as comprehensive as the insurance offered by a car rental company. The good news is that car rental companies typically include this insurance in their advertised rates. In fact, it may be cheaper to purchase a rental car with your own insurance policy than purchasing a new or used car.

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